Dough Kneader

Dough kneeder machine is manufactured and designed as per customers’ requirement. Machines are available in various capacities from 5 kg load up to 40 kg. Dough kneeding machine is used in bulk quantity of dough. The vessel is made up of high quantity of stainless steel. The outer body is made up of mild steel material with powder coating. Designed as per industrial standards. Gear box are provided to adjust the speed of stirrer. Dough kneeding machines are designed and manufactured in various sizes as per requirement of customer.

* High Quality stainless steel drum & shaft .Mild steel frame
* High quality motor & gearboxes are used.
* Various sizes are available Ie 5Kgs, 10Kgs, 15, Kgs, 25Kgs.

Size - 36"x24"x30"

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