Veg Cutting Machine

Vegetable cutting machine is been a necessity to commercial kitchen areas now a days. Using this machine vegetables are sliced easily. The automatic feeding and discharge features save time. The discs have stainless steel bushings and are easily fitted with easily removable stainless steel blades and grids, which assures proper hygienic cleaning. These machine can cut vegetables in different shapes and sizes as per the requirements of the customer. The machine is manufactured with food grade stainless steel material aisi304 material to meet the standards of catering industry.

* Made up of stainless steel outer cover & Alluminium top.
* Sleek & stylish model
* Table top model for easy operation.
* Capacity to cut 150 Kgs per hour
* Various blades available as per various preparations of dishes.
* Cutting, slicing, dicing, French fries etc…

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